Workplace Services at Partners In Psychology

Welcome to our dedicated Workplace Services. At Partners In Psychology, we believe in creating healthier, more resilient, and productive workplaces. Our team of psychologists brings a wealth of diverse experience to provide comprehensive interventions and consulting tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our Services

Training Facilitation

Offering a variety of training programmes focusing on mental health awareness, time management and more, to foster a supportive and efficient workplace environment.

Coaching and Mentoring

Providing coaching and mentoring services for leaders, managers, psychologists, and health professionals, enhancing professional growth and leadership capabilities.

Career Counselling

Offering services such as career counselling, vocational assessments, Labour Market Research, and redeployment services to support career transitions and development.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Specialised support for managing psychological injuries and conditions, ensuring a smooth and supportive return to work process.

Fitness Work Assessments

Conducting comprehensive psychological assessments to determine an individual’s fitness for work, facilitating informed and supportive decision-making.

Conflict Resolution

Implementing effective strategies for resolving conflicts, promoting a harmonious and productive work environment.


Conducting thorough factual investigations related to psychological issues or complaints, ensuring that matters are handled with sensitivity and diligence.

Performance Improvement

Offering coaching and interventions aimed at enhancing the performance and productivity of individuals and teams.

Our Process

We begin by investing time to understand your organisation’s specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

This allows us to offer services that are personalised, strategic, and impactful, ensuring that they resonate with your organisational culture and goals.

Benefits of Our Services

Enhanced Workplace Well-being

Our services promote a supportive and mentally healthy workplace, enhancing overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Improved Communication and Relationships

Through training and mediation services, we foster improved communication and stronger relationships within teams.

Strategic Support and Guidance

Our tailored approach provides strategic insights and practical solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by organisations.

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