About Partners In Psychology

We primarily perform counselling services via direct individual referral, Mental Health Care Plans or other similar referral sources. Partners in Psychology is a practice which supports all people

We Provide The Highest Quality Service

We support clients of any gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and relationship status. We are a neurodiverse friendly practice. We aim to provide the same high quality support to everyone, with ongoing efforts in developing our understanding for better working with our lovely and unique clients

Our Values

We only employ psychologists who match our ethos – working with our clients, needs and goals. 


to continually work with people to improve knowledge, skills, character and experience.


to be open and accepting of ourselves and whoever we work with, and providing the best support regardless of their identity, background or circumstance.


to be as truthful, supportive, direct and clear to all those that we deal with.


to be flexible to our clients’ needs and to provide the support that best suits them.


be humble and let our achievements speak for themselves, alongside retaining appreciation of the lighter side of life.

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At Partners in Psychology, your mental health journey is a partnership. We are here to provide the support, guidance, and expertise you need to navigate life’s challenges. Connect with us to discover how we can work together towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.