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If you are struggling with your mental health, interpersonal relationships or just wanting a space to discuss better coping strategies for self-development and growth, I would love to meet with you. My passion for mental health and my ability to connect with people easily has created a great foundation for personal and strong therapeutic relationships. Working collaboratively is very important to me as I believe feedback and discussion of sessions are essential to improving each session experience.

I like to work in an honest environment, encouraging a strong bond with each client to ensure treatment plans and options are tailored to suit individuals. However, I am also not afraid to ask the hard questions, delve into difficult conversations and address the unconscious issues. 

I have extensive experience working alongside Health Practitioners and clients in an administrative, support, advocacy, and wellbeing capacity and I am passionate about combining my education, training, and previous experience to assist clients in their own mental health journeys and support individuals to reach their full potential.

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Through my own struggles (and triumphs) with my mental health, I have developed a nonjudgmental and unwaveringly optimistic attitude to helping others with their own struggles. My holistic and open-minded approach to life is essential to how I run therapy to create a safe environment and a range of treatment options to suit everyone.  I practice in a client-focused manner and choose my treatment methods based on the individual, their beliefs, and their goals for therapy. I utilise a very open and genuine approach with my clients and encourage a mutual therapeutic relationship.

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