Matt Miller



I am one of the co-founders and co-directors of Partners in Psychology.

My main area of practice is:

  • Adult ADHD:
    • Assessment;
    • Coaching;
    • Group based skills programs;
    • Exercise/Movement and Mood Moderation skills programs.

Adult ADHD is my passion… Be it assessing, educating, coaching, running individual/group programs and assisting clients to reach their potential as a neurodiverse individual. I am a practitioner with lived experience of ADHD – gaining a diagnosis as an adult. ADHD is not a problem to be solved. It is about learning and harnessing your strengths, enhancing them and bringing tools, skills and strategies to the table to assist achieving life goals. I value honesty, transparency and collaboration. I believe everyone can develop strong relationships, succeed at work, learn to handle emotions, impulses, frustrations and live their best life.

ADHD can be difficult to manage. It can come with comorbid conditions of low mood and anxiety. It can impact relationships, intensify emotions, create challenges with study or work, make you forget your lunch everyday… Enough of the negatives though… ADHD has ‘superpower’ potential! Let’s identify your strengths and enhance them, creating better coping!

I work with YOUR goals only, not mine. What do you want to work on and what you want to achieve? Let’s collaborate and work together to better understand our ADHD, build resources to cope with our traits and symptoms. I hope to build a sense of validation, empathy and optimism with whoever comes through the door here.

I also work in:

  • Workplace health and consulting services:
    • Medico-legal reporting;
    • Vocational Assessment;
    • Insurance/Workplace based consulting;

I also have experience across 20 years in wellbeing services as a multi-skilled Psychologist with expertise in private therapy and consulting, including critical incident response, vocational rehabilitation services (personal, workers compensation and other insurance schemes), mediation, education/training and coaching/mentoring services. I have managed teams of psychologists and other allied health professionals for over 9 years, identifying staff development needs and providing quality assurance on services. As a leader, I pride myself on building strong networks with key stakeholders to assist best practice, alongside innovation in wellbeing activities.


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Registered Psychologist (BSc Psychology, PGDip PsychRehab, GDip Education).
13+ years’ experience as a Psychologist.
20 years’ experience with vocational psychological services (injury, rehabilitation, vocational redeployment).
8+ years’ experience with trauma and complex presentations.
8+ years of leadership/management experience.

I use my knowledge and lived experience of Adult ADHD, alongside my clinical skills from therapy to develop a shared understanding of the motivations of clients and customers, and provide proactive advice and support for all. I am especially interested in enhancing strengths and working on the issues that clients want to work on.

During my time as a Psychologist, I have completed the following:

  • Psychometric Assessment and Reporting for ADHD;
  • Group-based therapy services;
  • Medico-Legal services for Personal or Workplace Injuries & Criminal Injury Compensation, including Vocational Assessment and Reporting,
  • Career Transition Services;
  • Consulting Services:
    • Workplace Training & Education related to Wellbeing & Psychological Conditions;
    • Leadership and Management Training;
    • Critical Incident Response.
  • High Performance Coaching;
  • Group based Exercise & Mood Programs.


I am a strong advocate for self-care. I enjoy assisting clients to work to their strengths and developing in areas that provide a sense of achievement and pleasure. I believe this is achieved by always having client and customer goals front and centre, assisting them navigate challenges and work around barriers, while linking them to life enhancing activities and services. No two individuals are the same, so an eclectic and flexible approach to assisting others is required. In my opinion, empowerment, optimism and validation, alongside consistently reviewing goals assists achieving successful outcomes.

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I’m a sociable person, not shy and happy to be talking to a bunch of people just about anywhere. I love my sport and previously been an elite cyclist, training while working full time. I’m married with a young family. These combined demands have provided a solid understanding of the need for self-care as a focus, alongside maintaining personal and preventative wellbeing activities to be ones best. As a special interest I advocate for exercise as a major contributor to positive physical and mental health maintenance.

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