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All client information and records are kept strictly confidential. We do not release any information about you to anyone except with your authority and approval. The only exceptions to this are when the is a serious risk of harm to you or others, a subpoena or a very serious crime – should this occur our psychologists make an assessment in consultation with yourself, in how the matter should be handled.

This will be discussed in your first session.
If you were referred through a Mental Health Care Plan we need to provide regular reports of your progress to your doctor. Should you wish a copy of any correspondence or specific information to not be released in writing, please do not hesitate to mention this to your psychologist. If you wish to engage with a psychologist without your treatment being on your medical records, we recommend you contact us to discuss the best ways of doing this, before you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your General Practitioner.

Each session is approximately 50 minutes in duration. For some interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), an 80 minute session may be utilized. 

All sessions are private and confidential, collaborative and aim to make your feel as comfortable as possible. The treatment will depend on YOUR wellbeing needs and YOUR way of life.

Feel free to bring a notepad, a list of questions, queries or concerns!

The number of sessions will vary depending on the nature of the concern. Generally people need to attend for a minimum of four to six sessions for a short term intervention. If problems are more complex or if there are a number of issues, people may require long term therapy. During the first session, your psychologist will work with you to tailor the intervention to your needs and preference.
We generally recommend trying a short term intervention first and ensuring your have a good comfort level with your psychologist before committing to a long term intervention.

You are required to pay for your treatment at the conclusion of the session. We base our fees on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) National Schedule of Recommended Fees, which is updated annually. How much you are out of pocket will depend if you have been referred by a Mental Health Care Plan or other service that provides you with a rebate. Should you be engaged in financial hardship you may negotiate fee payment schedules or reduced fees with our psychologists during your initial session or subsequent session. Services which require longer sessions or have multiple participants may be charged differently. Our psychologists and administration team will be able to provide you with specific answers to costs in your specific circumstances please contact us on 0498 988 166​.

The therapy experience can vary depending on what circumstances are prompting you to engage in the service. Our psychologists are welcoming and aiming to partner with you in the process. The first session is generally utilized to gather enough information and history to gain an understanding as to what your difficulties are, what sort of person you are and what your preferences for the process will be. You may be asked to fill out questionnaires to assess your mood, anxiety and stress levels and/or other areas appropriate to your circumstances. You may be assigned ‘homework’ or tasks to do between sessions to facilitate improving ongoing psychological health. Just like a gym junkie may up the reps and weights, so too will exercising the mind create a mentally robust individual.

It is very important for you to feel comfortable with your psychologist in order for the partnership to be effective. We recommend you attend at least twice to determine if the psychologist is right for you, as the first session may include significant information gathering and not be reflective of the ongoing experience. Should you wish to change therapist you are entirely welcome to do so without judgement. Again, your feedback here is important so speak to one of our administrators to assist in transitioning to someone within the organization, or to obtain recommendations for psychologists in other practices which may be a better match for you.

If you are unable to attend for any reason please contact our administration team immediately.

0498 988 166.

If you are a no show or are contacting us within 24 hours of the appointment time, and we are unable to fill the appointment from our cancellation list, you will incur a fee for the late cancellation. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can continue to assist clients who may be in need and waiting for the service.

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