ADHD Services

Partners in Psychology work with you to provide tailored services, information, support and advocacy for ADULTS on their ADHD journey

We do so by providing the following collaborative services based on your needs, wants and goals. We accept these can also change over time – so we too change with you.

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ADHD Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment process including:

    • Clinical Interview
    • Executive and Psychosocial Functioning Assessments
    • Feedback session, with recommendations
    • Summary and Report

    Assessments are available without referral. Adult ADHD Assessments include collaborative discussion of outcomes and focus areas for other potential supports, to enhance functioning and improve wellbeing.

    Assessments can assist referral information and background gathering for GP’s and Psychiatrists.

We only employ psychologists who match our ethos - working with our clients, not directing them. Talk to us today about your needs

Group programs

Adult ADHD can be an isolating experience at times. One way to improve connection with others is with like-minded individuals, while improving ones skills and strategies to cope with life admin! Group Programs can be stand-alone or in addition to individual sessions. Our Group Programs include:

  • Knowing your ADHD – from curiosity to diagnosis and beyond…
  • Executive Functioning Enhancement
  • Emotional Regulation via our ‘Move your Mood’ Program
  • Promoting Positive Relationships – Parents, Partners, Siblings

Individual Psychology Sessions

Face-to-face or Telehealth therapy sessions that are tailored to your individual needs, wants and goals. ADHD can come with several comorbid wellbeing challenges including anxiety, depression, sleep issues, self-esteem and relationship difficulties, alongside many others. It’s complex...


ADHD coaching is different to therapy. What are your life goals? What are your values? Do you know what your ADHD strengths are? Let’s work together to start achieving what you want to, improve self-awareness and move forward.

Support/Advocacy and other services

Contact us to discuss your individual needs, if the above don’t fit – we can tailor something that does!

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